TitanPOS Kiosk

TitanPOS Kiosk is our self service kiosk designed to work in conjunction with the rest of the TitanPOS suite of products. TitanPOS Kiosk has been designed with customer engagement in mind and provides a greater level of service efficiency. Customers need to be able to order and pay for their goods in a fast and streemlined way. TitanPOS Kiosk does just that which increases customer satisfaction. Customers are identified at the Kiosk via either RFID Proximity Card or Barcode. They place their orders and pay for the goods. Orders can be placed for a time in the future or for immediate collection. The order information is then displayed on preparation screens (Kitchen Video Display Units).

When the customer comes to collect their order, they are simply identified by the same card that they scanned at the start of the order. The customers orders are displayed and can be marked as collected.

TitanPOS Kiosk is fully integrated into our BackOffice and provides Real Time sales data and stock control information.

TitanPOS Kiosk increases transaction speed, reduces queuing times and improoves order accuracy. This allows you to serve more customers is less time and leads to a greater spend per head whilst reducing staffing costs.